Terms of Our Engagement

• All payment/fees become the property of our law firm upon receipt – no payment/fee is held in a trust account.

• If you aren’t pleased with our service, let us know and we’ll provide a full refund – you can terminate our services at any time.
• If we conclude that our firm isn’t a good match for you, we will refund your payment.
• After a full refund, our services end.

Our services
• We’re happy to connect with you to explain the process, answer your questions, and offer our advice – we interact with our clients via email, phone, texting, or video conference (we don’t meet in-person). You authorize us to contact you by email or phone and to leave messages.
• We create your documents using the answers you provide in the interview. After they’ve been reviewed by an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction, we send the documents to you with signing instructions.
• Our representation as your attorneys ends when we deliver your documents, but we remain available to answer your questions and to help you with updates/revisions.
• For clients who’ve purchased review/storage service and return their documents, we’ll review the signatures and store the documents (safekeeping the documents doesn’t constitute ongoing legal representation).

Tax-avoidance advising
• We don’t offer tax-avoidance advising. Multimillion-dollar estates often benefit from specialized tax-focused advice, but (as we saw when Prince died) non-tax-focused documents (like the ones we create) can often benefit multimillion-dollar estates.

• We use email and cloud-based technologies to provide our services – we take data security very seriously, but risks to confidentiality are intrinsic to these technologies.

Catching and fixing input errors
• We rely entirely on the accuracy of your interview answers when creating your documents. Because we don’t second-guess your interview answers (e.g., spelling of names, specific dollar amounts), you are responsible for input errors.
• We email your answers to you immediately after the interview is completed and ask you to carefully proofread your answers. If you don’t notice or inform us of an input error, it will appear in your documents.
• If you inform us of an input error within 24 hours of that email, we can correct the error at no charge. After the 24-hour window, we charge a “Late Correction Fee” of $100.

Confidentiality and Services for Couples
• As your lawyers, we keep your information confidential.
• If you hire as a couple (i.e., if you purchase “… for Two People”), you waive confidentiality with respect to the other member of your couple.

Disputes and Binding Arbitration
• All disputes between us will be completely settled by binding arbitration using the Consumer Rules of the American Arbitration Association. By agreeing to binding arbitration, we both agree to give up our rights to bring an action in court or have a jury trial. Any such dispute will be governed by Wisconsin law, without regard to its conflict of law principles. Arbitration will take place in the most populous city in your state and expenses will be split equally (but we’ll each pay our own counsel fees and travel costs). If we can’t agree on an arbitrator, we’ll each choose one and they’ll choose a third to chair an arbitration panel.
• Binding arbitration means giving up constitutional rights to trial by judge or jury and the right to appeal, so if you’re uncertain about agreeing to binding arbitration, please consult an independent attorney.

• Our documents (including the template Thoughtful Will, the template Probate-Avoidance Trust, worksheets, and other customized documents), the interview, and our website are protected by copyright and we reserve all rights.
• You may not copy any portion of our documents, the interview, or our website without our written permission.

• If one or more of these terms is lawfully deemed void, the remaining terms continue in full force and effect.