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The Thoughtful Will

The Thoughtful Will is the foundation of our services – it’s a document we’re incredibly proud of.


– Summary –

As your “last will and testament”, the Thoughtful Will contains your final wishes:

  • Choose your Executor – they act as your personal representative and they administer your Will
  • Choose “legal guardians” to care for your young children and/or “pet guardians” to care for beloved pets
  • Create plans to distribute your assets
  • Create trusts to protect the inheritances of vulnerable recipients: young children, people with special needs, people incapable of handling money (like folks with dementia or addiction), and/or pets
  • Write your final instructions and/or legacy statements to encourage your loved ones to do charitable work in your memory (entirely optional)


– The Thoughtful Will is better –

Your last will and testament must be legally valid and carefully written, but it doesn’t need archaic legal phrasing.

We’ve created an understandable Will. We took the time to remove ‘legalese’ from the standard ‘lawyer’ Will, replacing it with carefully chosen everyday plain language. We wrote a precise, understandable document.

We believe you should be able to read and understand your own Will. This document serves as the written expression of your final wishes – but most people have a document from their lawyer that they didn’t understand when they signed. What happens years later when you wonder if your Will needs updating? Ten years from now, instead of wondering what you put in your Will, you can just reread your Thoughtful Will (and we’ll be available to discuss whether an update is needed).

– optional add on –

Coma Documents

Every adult should have a Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive – we call these “Coma Documents” because they’re invaluable if an accident or illness prevents you from making your own decisions.


– Summary –

The Durable Power of Attorney covers financial matters:

  • Choose your financial agent (and one or two backups) – they can access your accounts, pay bills, and make deposits or withdrawals from your accounts

The Health Care Directive covers medical care:

  • Choose your health care agent (and one or two backups) – they can access your medical records, consult with your health care providers, and make medical care decisions for you
  • Create health care instructions that will govern your medical care


– Our Coma Documents are better –

We’ve made it easier to create health care instructions. The creating-instructions portion of the ‘standard’ form can quickly feel overwhelming, asking 20+ end-of-life questions and forcing you come up with answers from scratch. How many different ways do you want to discuss persistent vegetative states? And then come up with your own phrasing… It’s awful.

We take a different approach – focusing on a handful of essential questions and giving multiple-choice options so you can choose from one of our phrasings (and you still have the option of writing a custom answer).

– optional add on –

Probate-Avoidance Trust

You can bypass the expense and hassle of probate by using the Probate-Avoidance Trust.


– Summary –

The Probate-Avoidance Trust is a “revocable living trust” – probate is eliminated by transferring all assets to the Trust:

  • If you’re married/partnered, we’ll help you choose between a joint trust or individual trusts
  • During your lifetime you’ll be the Trustee – and then your Executor takes over as Trustee after you’re gone
  • We dovetail your Thoughtful Will to work in sync with your Trust – both documents work together to distribute your assets according to the plans you create
  • We explain the different categories of property and how to transfer each to your Trust (plus we’re available for support)


– The Probate-Avoidance Trust is better –

We’ve created an understandable Trust. A revocable living trust is just as powerful and important a document as your last will and testament – and so we think you should be able to read/understand it too. So here too, we took the time to carefully rewrite the standard living trust, ditching ‘legalese’ and replacing it with understandable plain language.

– optional add on –

Assurance Service

We offer Assurance Service as an upgrade to make this process easier and to give you assurance that your documents are correctly signed.


– Summary –

These documents have very exact signing requirements, and those signing requirements vary by document. Assurance Service eliminates any confusion or worry about signing::

  • We print your documents and use post-it notes and “sign here” flags to eliminate any guesswork about signing
  • We include a postage-paid envelope – if you return your signed Will (and Trust, if you choose), we review to ensure it’s properly signed
  • We put your signed Will (and Trust) in our vault for safekeeping.

– all services include –

Enthusiastic Support

There’s a reason you want actual lawyers to create your legal documents – you want it done right – and only licensed attorneys can ensure your documents are legally valid and accurately reflect your wishes.

But we’re not content to just create good documents – we support our clients throughout the entire process – happily answering questions, offering encouragement, and using plain language to make sure you understand (and if it doesn’t make sense right away, we’ll be happy to explain it again!).

We call it approachable lawyering and it’s the cornerstone of our business.

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