We're looking for awesome folks!

We’re staffing for two part-time roles:


Administrative staff (work in the Minneapolis office)

  1. Dependability and attention to detail are key.
  2. You’ll set your schedule – by and large, we’ll be able to work around family or other commitments.
  3. No specific educational requirements, but you must be eager to learn.

Support/helpdesk staff (works remotely)

  1. Primary requirement: an eagerness to help our clients by patiently and promptly responding to their inquiries and questions.
  2. Secondary requirement: Bachelors degree (or equivalent). Doesn’t matter what field of study – we’re looking for creative thinkers and problem-solvers.
  3. You’ll be working remotely, so you must be self-motivating. Also, yes, you can work in your pajamas.


If you’re interested, send us an email at help@thoughtfulwills.com and we’ll be in touch.