How Our Process Works

We created a process that reduces anxiety and saves time.

We made a thoughtful process.

Step 1 - Configure your Will(s), then hire us

Everything is done online – and we’re available to answer any questions.

  1. Choose Thoughtful Wills for One or Two people,
  2. Add Coma Docs, the Probate-Avoidance Trust, and/or Assurance Service (if you’d like), and
  3. Make payment.

Pat yourself on the back for taking the first steps to creating your Will!

Step 2 - Use the Pre-Interview Worksheet

Right away, we send you two things:

  1. Pre-Interview Worksheet, and
  2. Link to your online Interview.

Just so you know, there’s no rush to begin.

We want you to feel confident throughout this process – that’s why we created the Pre-Interview Worksheet. The Worksheet walks you through each topic, giving explanations and covering each question in the Interview. You can spend as much time as you want/need to make your decisions.

There’s no rush – you control the pace – that’s the rule.

Step 3 - The online Interview

The online Interview gathers the information we need to create your Will(s).

1. The Interview contains brief explanations of the topics and questions – so if you want/need to skip the Pre-Interview Worksheet).

2. Will-stuff often causes anxiety – so we worked hard to make the Interview friendly and approachable.

3. Schedules are perpetually packed – so we created an adaptive Interview that respects your time. It asks relevant follow-up questions and skips sections that don’t apply.

4. Our clients are unique – and our Interview embraces that diversity. Unmarried partners, kids from previous relationships, the happily single, husband+wife+kids, and childless folks whose pets are their kids – we thought about you when creating the Interview.

We constructed a conversational, time-saving, respectful online Interview – but we’re also here to support you!

Step 4 - We create your documents

We believe nothing can replace a lawyer’s judgment.

Our law firm embraces technology wherever/whenever possible – but we reject the notion that technology can replace the judgment of licensed experts. WebMD is not a hospital – and LegalZoom is not a law firm.

We carefully create your documents according to the decisions and information you provided during the Interview. Then every document is reviewed by an attorney licensed to practice law in your state – no exceptions.

You receive the peace of mind that comes with a real lawyer reviewing your Will.

Step 5 - We send your documents

We include easy-to-follow signing instructions. Because here’s the bad news – until you properly sign your draft Will, you’ve got no Will. There’s no “almost” or “A for effort” in the land of Wills.

Your Will must be signed according to your state’s specific laws – so we wrote very clear, very easy-to-follow instructions that explain your state’s requirements. Those instructions are included with every Thoughtful Will (and of course we’re here to help!).

We also offer Assurance Service to provide extra convenience and peace of mind to the signing process. We print and prep your Will for signature and then we review your signed Will to make sure that was done correctly.

Step 6 - Enthusiastic Help Throughout!

We intend to change the way you think about lawyers.

We’re not content to just create good documents – we support our clients throughout the entire process – happily answering questions, offering encouragement, and using plain language to make sure you understand (and if it doesn’t make sense right away, we’ll be happy to explain it again!).

Approachable lawyering is the cornerstone of our business.

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We are fully operational in 16 states – and we’re expanding!

Because we’re an actual law firm, we grow carefully and methodically – finding wonderful lawyers and adapting our documents to mesh perfectly with the laws of each new state.

California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin!