About Our Law Firm

We’ve created a law firm, driven by three principles:

1. Documents should be understandable and use plain language.

2. Use technology to make our services convenient and affordable.

3. Technology doesn’t replace lawyers.

1. Precise, Understandable Language. Lawyers use legalisms and short-hand phrases as timesavers when communicating with other lawyers (it’s similar to how doctors use Latin) – but those timesavers become barriers to our client’s understanding.

When we write, we work hard to be (i) legally precise, (ii) clear and understandable, and (iii) brief. We constantly re-examine and tweak our documents – rewriting and rephrasing to make them as good as possible.

2. Technology. We love technology! Online tools gather your information – software helps streamline our documents and workflows – technology allows our team to collaborate remotely (strangely, not everybody wants to live in Minneapolis).

Leveraging technology makes our services affordable and convenient. We’re super proud of this.

3. People are the key. Behind the technology are lawyers who care – lawyers who are eager to help people create an understandable and complete Will – lawyers who are excited to demystify a process that is usually confusing and frightening.

We’re on a mission to create approachable lawyering.

Notesong Srisopark Thompson

Notesong Srisopark Thompson

A lifelong commitment to caring for children and their families

Seeing too many abused children come to the emergency department led Nurse Notesong to law school – she wanted to attack the problem from multiple avenues. And when the law school didn’t offer much by way of child-focused programming, Notesong and two friends founded the Children’s Justice Project to better promote the interests of children through interdisciplinary teaching, bringing in speakers, and establishing a scholarship (happily, CJP is still going strong today).

Notesong started her own firm after law school, specializing in juvenile defense and guardian ad litum (representing a child’s best interest) proceedings. She closed her firm to become Director and Adjunct Professor of Milwaukee Street Law at Marquette University Law School (Street Law teaches underprivileged high school students about the legal system and their rights). And this whole time (before, during, and after law school), Notesong was a nurse at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in the Emergency Department/Trauma Center.

In 2013, Notesong and her family relocated to Madison where she pours her heart, sweat, and tears into raising three spunky kids, volunteering, and expanding her advocacy work. She’s a panelist and contributor to the nationally syndicated television show, “MomsEveryday”, and worked with the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, where she utilized her Certified Lactation Counselor expertise to spearhead a text-based breastfeeding support program for new mothers throughout Wisconsin. Having dealt with the yuck of creating her own Will, Notesong ensured the Thoughtful Will experience respects and addresses the anxieties of parents and non-parents alike, helping make the process approachable, endurable, and understandable, all the while talking to our clients with the tender care of a pediatric nurse and lawyering with a keen attention-to detail “eagle eye.” She doesn’t miss a beat.

Marquette University • BSN 1998 • Sigma Theta Tau
University of Wisconsin Law School • JD 2004 • Bruce F. Beilfuss Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to the Law School

Nathan Jay Kavlie

Nathan Jay Kavlie

A lifelong obsession with making the complex understandable

In high school, Nathan knew his science fair presentation was ready when he could explain the enzyme pathways to his grandmother. That ability to translate concepts was rewarded when he won awards at the international science fair, three years in a row.

After law school, Nathan landed in the real estate department of Faegre & Benson (at the time, the largest firm in Minneapolis). Learning from brilliant colleagues and working on property deals for Target Corporation were thrilling, but the grind of law firm life (e.g., tracking each day in 6-minute increments) wasn’t a good fit. He tried two other firms before closing that chapter in 2010, shifting to focus on a life with balance and joy. Nathan became a lawyer/photographer – concentrating his legal practice on the needs of individuals and small businesses – drafting contracts and leases, negotiating settlements, and giving cost-effective advice.

After repeated nagging by his Uncle David, Nathan turned his attention to wills and discovered this whole new area of law that desperately needed translation for normal people. He took a year to learn and study wills & trusts law – rewriting the standard “legalese” will into something elegant and understandable. The Thoughtful Will is one of his proudest accomplishments to date (it’s a three-way tie with his marriage and rehabilitating two rescued terriers).

Kenyon College • BA 1996 • Phi Beta Kappa
University of Michigan Law School • JD 2004 • Irving Stenn, Jr. Award for Leadership



Lives in Madison with her husband, Jason, and their three kids (Jason, Beanie & JuJu)
Lives in Minneapolis with his husband, Cory, and their rescue terriers (Maggie & Alice)
Cherishes late-night ‘Me’ time, watching TV while folding laundry (loves the nightlife, loves to boogie)
Enthusiastic gardener, transplanter of hostas and shepherd of native Prairie perennials
LOVES 70s disco, ABBA, and Peggy Lee (she's from Jamestown, ND too!)
Obsessed with Top Chef and 70s TV (Lou Grant & The Rockford Files)
Adores cheese and charcuterie and is a Foodie with a capital ‘F’
Adores vegan hamburgers, preferably with Whole Foods "seeduction" buns
Jamestown High School, Class of '93!
Jamestown High School, Class of '92!
Fargo, North Dakota • circa 1991

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