We're lawyers who create affordable, custom Wills.

Our Wills are understandable, carefully drafted using plain language.

Our Wills are understandable, carefully drafted using plain language.

You get the peace of mind that comes from working with an actual law firm.

You get the peace of mind that comes from working with an actual law firm.

And our convenient process works within your busy schedule.

And our convenient process works within your busy schedule.

And our convenient process works within your busy schedule.

Thoughtful lawyers.

Reimagining the Will-making process.

We think you’ll be pleasantly blown away.

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We offer the following services:

The Thoughtful Will

Intentionally understandable and affordable

We created a Will that normal people can read and understand - ditching legalese in favor of carefully chosen plain language.

The Thoughtful Will is highly customizable legal document:

1. You pick legal guardians who will care for your young children until they turn 18 and who will care for your beloved pets (you can choose different guardians for kids and pets).

2. You can create special trusts to hold and protect the inheritances of vulnerable recipients. A "Child/Maturity Trust" holds the inheritance of a young person until they're older (and hopefully more mature). A "Special Needs Trust" holds the inheritance of someone with special needs to protect their eligibility for public benefits. A "Protective Lifelong Trust" is useful for someone who can't manage their money (like folks with dementia or addiction). And "Pet Trusts" protect assets to make sure your pets are cared for.

3. You can give special gifts of money or items to loved ones or to favorite charities and organizations.

4. You'll choose an Executor to administer your Will. They'll gather up your assets and then distribute them according to your wishes.

5. You can write final wishes and instructions that cover things like memorial services and burial wishes - and you can compose legacy statements to encourage your loved ones to carry on charitable works in your memory.

Legally, each person needs their own Will (even if you’re married).

Thoughtful Will
Thoughtful Wills
add any or
all of the following:
Coma Documents
aka Durable Power of Attorney + Health Care Directive

Illness and accidents strike without warning - they affect both young and old - sedentary people and athletes. Every adult should have a Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive (we call these "Coma Documents").

Coma Documents are invaluable in tragic situations, communicating your health care instructions to your care team and to your loved ones to your loved ones and authorizing someone to make financial and medical decisions for you.

What happens if you’re in an accident or become so ill you can’t communicate or make decisions? Coma Documents authorize someone you trust to handle your affairs and make decisions for you.

The person you authorize doesn’t have to be your significant other or a family member - they can be anyone you trust to make the decisions you’d make for yourself if you were able. Both documents require great trust, so it’s perfectly ok to authorize the same person (and the same backups) to handle your financial and health care matters.

1. The Durable Power of Attorney (“durable” means the Power of Attorney remains valid if you become incapacitated) authorizes someone to handle your financial matters – they can access your accounts, pay bills, and make deposits or withdrawals from your accounts. This person is called your “financial agent” and we will ask if you want one or two people to serve as backups (some states still use the term “attorney-in-fact” • we’ll draft your documents to match your state’s phrasing).

2. The Health Care Directive authorizes someone to handle your health care decisions. This person is called your “health care agent” and you can choose one or two backups. The health care agent can access your medical records, consult with your health care providers, and make medical care decisions for you. In addition to choosing a health care agent, the Health Care Directive also creates rules for your medical care and treatment.

Creating rules for your medical care can quickly feel overwhelming and unfortunately the standard health directive forms ask 20+ end-of-life questions that are made worse by forcing you to compose your answers from scratch. We take a different approach - paring it down to a handful of questions - and we give you multiple-choice options so you can choose one of our phrasing, or you can create an answer from scratch.

We realize these aren’t fun questions – but your health care instructions will be hugely helpful to your health care agent – they’ll have confidence knowing they’re making the right decisions for you and they’ll be able to better explain things to your friends and family.

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Probate-Avoidance Trust
aka Revocable Living Trust or Inter Vivos Trust

Probate can cost 2-4% of the total value of your estate (depending on your particular circumstances) - you can avoid that expense with the Probate-Avoidance Trust.

In addition to creating your Trust, we provide detailed instructions (and support) to help you transfer your assets into the Trust.

If you own any assets when you die, your "Estate" must go through probate - so you have to get rid of your assets.

1. First, we create your Probate-Avoidance Trust - it's a special-purpose legal entity that holds ownership of your assets while you're alive. If you're married or partnered, we'll help you choose between a single or joint Trust.

2. After you've passed, the Trust distributes those assets to your loved ones (and/or to organizations you care about) - so we'll write those plans into the Trust.

3. Your Trust only avoids probate completely if you transfer all of your assets - and unfortunately there's no simple document that transfers everything. We explain the different categories of property and what steps are needed to transfer each type of property. We're here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the process.

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Assurance Service
Added convenience and peace of mind

These documents have super strict signing requirements - Assurance Service provides convenience and peace of mind because we prepare your documents for signature (with helpful post-its and "sign-here" flags) and then review your signed Will to make sure it's correctly signed (then we store it in our vault).

We worked hard to make these documents understandable, but they're still legal documents - these documents need to be signed perfectly. We created Assurance Service to remove that uncertainty and stress.

1. First, we print and prepare your documents for signature. We add post-it notes and sign-here flags to make it perfectly clear where and how you need to sign.

2. Second, we review your signed Will (and Probate-Avoidance Trust, if you choose that add-on) to make sure the signatures are perfect (if there's a problem we'll work with you to fix the signatures). Your Thoughtful Will package contains an addressed, postage-paid envelope to make it easy to return the signed Will to our offices.

3. After we confirm that your Will is perfect, we put your signed Will (and Trust) in our vault for safekeeping.

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All services include
Enthusiastic Support

We provide robust and responsive help to our clients throughout the entire process!

We are eager to help!

We're available weekdays and Saturdays from 9am to 9pm central time.

We offer help by phone, email, text, and video conference - you choose the whichever method you'd prefer.

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